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Finance Training Services

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Finance Training Services

Have you ever felt like you and your staff do not know what you are doing when it comes to finance? Most startups and SMEs have experienced this, which is why at myCFOng, our consultants provide excellent finance training services for all levels of expertise.


If you are looking to improve your finance function, then it might be time to upgrade the staff skills.

Our training offerings have one goal: To constantly challenge the personnel to always improve themselves. This in turn has a positive effect on the operations of the Company.

While we focus on technical finance skills, we use real life scenarios to train on practical uses of the skills acquired while encouraging critical reasoning skills.

Learn all the skills you need to be a great finance professional.

Upgrade your finance team’s skills with our specialized training. The global standard in finance education, International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS for SMEs, Management Reporting, Group Reporting, Finance Business Partnering, Financial Modelling and more.

myCFOng Training

Our Offerings

  • eLearning Services- Learn at your own pace
  • Classroom Learning - General Development
  • One on One Training/Coaching- Targeted Personal Development

Let’s discuss about how we can help meet your finance and productivity training needs