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Finance Recruitment Services

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Finance Recruiting Services

When you are looking to expand your finance team, you need someone who can find you talent that will help boost your bottom line. A good recruiter can do more than just find people with the right skills—they can find people who are going to bring value in ways you might not have even thought of yet.

Companies have lost millions by filling their team with the wrong accounting and finance staff. Accountants can be found everywhere, but true quality is rare. We will find you the right accountant for your needs.

Get help from an accounting specialist who knows what to look for and will thoroughly test those skills before placement.

Do you want to recruit accounting staff but you do not have the expertise on your management team to ask the right questions? We have got you covered.

Or do you want to outsource the entire recruitment service so you can focus on what is more important to you? You are also covered.

Why us

The best recruiters don’t just place candidates. They place winners.

At myCFOng, we know finance, and we know how to identify winners: people who are going to change the game for your business, whether they’re doing accounting or financial analysis or something else entirely.

Unlike generic recruitment companies, we are accountants ourselves and have worked with several companies in several countries. This specialist expertise separates us from the rest as we know exactly what to look for and what your business needs. We focus on those with the most updated skills in the business world and we ensure to thoroughly test those skills before placement.

We have access to a database of well-trained and sufficiently drilled talented finance/accounting staff who can transform your business.

We aim to fill your vacant accounting roles within one month*

Who can be hired?

Financial Accountants, Management Accountants, Fixed Assets Accountants, Tax specialists, Financial Controller, Finance Assistants, Finance Officers, Receivable or Payable Accountants, Reporting Specialists, Inventory staff, Cost Controllers, Project Accountants, Digital Accountants and many more.

Type of hire

Full-Time Employees, Remote Staff, Contract Employees, Interns and Temps, Specialists

Finance Recruiting


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