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Debunking Common SME Capital Structure Myths

1.0. Introduction: Unravelling SME Capital Structure Myths In the dynamic world of SMEs, there’s misinformation that often goes unnoticed: capital structure myths. These misconceptions can sidetrack even the most robust...
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How to Tailor Your SME’s Business Financing Strategy for Success

1.0. Introduction to Business Financing 1.1. The Integral Role of Capital in Business Evolution Business financing or Capital is the cornerstone of business growth. For SMEs, securing the right amount...
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myCFOng-Debt Management

Innovative Ways to Manage Small Business Debt and Optimize Cash Flows

Running a small business can be tricky, especially when handling debt. Business owners might think borrowing money to put more cash into their business is clever. But be careful! Debt...
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9 Proven Reasons a Small Business Loan Is Denied

There are several reasons why lenders may not grant your loan. Understanding these reasons will help you with lenders or find better financing solutions
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Why you should consider sweat equity for your startup or small business

Sweat equity is a term that is used in the business world to describe the idea that you should get some ownership in the company you are working for. Sweat...
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